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  Remote Application Access

Telecommuting is no longer a trendy option to work into your benefits package. Whether you are a road warrior, or just trying to balance work and family obligations, you don't work 9:00am to 5:00pm at your office computer any more. But you still need to run applications as if you were there.

TridiaVNC's remote access, cross-platform capability gives you the flexibility to work on your office desktop at anytime, from anywhere. Just run the TridiaVNC server on your office machine—Linux, Windows PC, NT, or UNIX—and view and control it with a TridiaVNC viewer on whatever machine you have handy. All information stays on the server so you can connect and disconnect as needed and never miss a beat.

Now, being out of the office doesn't mean you're out of reach. TridiaVNC gives you the freedom to be in two places at once.

  • Keep TridiaVNC running at all times on your NT and UNIX workstations.
  • Provide TCP/IP connectivity among all servers.
  Setup Steps  
  1. Install TridiaVNC on the workstations that you will need to use remotely.
  2. On Linux/UNIX systems, configure xdm to manage "local" X servers on various displays (ports). This provides one or more remote desktops that you can use as needed.
  3. On Win95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP systems, install TridiaVNC as a service and reboot to ensure that it will be available after a reboot.
  4. Install TridiaVNC on your local machine and use the viewer to access the desired TridiaVNC server.
  We recommend single channel ISDN or faster connectivity for regular use of TridiaVNC.  
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