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  About Tridia

No one supports the IT like Tridia. For more than a decade, Tridia has been serving the needs of corporate IT help desks, commercial application developers, and Value Added Resellers with technologies for dramatically reducing "time to resolution" and increasing end user satisfaction.

Take Tridia's original remote control product, DoubleVision. Used by Home Depot, NAPA Auto Parts, Lucent Technologies, and hundreds of other IT-dependent companies to get sidelined remote users up and running quickly, DoubleVision has grown to be the leading UNIX remote control product in the world—almost entirely by "word-of-mouth."

So why TridiaVNC? The technologies that companies must support are growing more complex. From mobile workstations to Internet-enabled devices, support centers must reach out to more users across more platforms than ever. VNC technology makes the perfect core for supporting these devices remotely. VNC is small, portable, open source, and it's royalty-free.

Tridia recognizes that both open source and closed source products like TridiaVNC and have key roles to play in the emerging eSupport marketplace. Tridia will continue to help companies tackle their ever growing, ever more complex, support requirements by providing reliable, built-for-purpose, products.

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