the development and distribution of the products marketed as TridiaVNC and TridiaVNC Pro. Support for these products will be provided to licensed users through December 31, 2005.

After nearly four years of development, Tridia has come to the conclusion that VNC, including its many commercial versions, is unsuitable for deployment in a business environment.

The problems stem from the fact that VNC was conceived and designed as a point-to-point solution for remote access and control. As a result, VNC has no means for centrally managing user authentication, verifying access rights and limiting access once a connection to the targeted computer is made, or generating an audit trail of user activity.

Any computer on which VNC is installed will provide total, unfettered, and anonymous access to anyone, anywhere who connects with an active password. Deployed in a business context, VNC represents an unacceptable — and unnecessary — security and regulatory compliance risk.

In 2004, Tridia announced the availability of iTivity remote support software, the world’s first user-hosted software solution for Real Time Resolution of support and administration needs. iTivity gives IT professionals secure, compliant remote access to UNIX, Linux, and Microsoft Windows severs, desktops, and other devices — all from a single, centralized server. In addition, iTivity can be deployed to an unlimited number of computers and devices at no cost, making iTivity a feasible alternative for current VNC users.

Tridia is offering current licensed users of Tridia VNC Pro the opportunity to participate in a limited-time upgrade program. Under this program, the licensing costs of Tridia VNC Pro can be applied to new licenses of iTivity.

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